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It's only human / Het is menselijk

Fine Art Portrait 2023

Thanks to Sam my good friend

Fine Art Portrait 2023

Thanks to Manon Möller Fotografie - MuaH Nicole Polko - Modellen Donna de Vries en Yanovah Risakotta

People from Vietnam 2022

All pictures taken with permission 

Colourful Pictures 2022

Thanks to Fotoschool Rotterdam - 

and big thank you to Models Laura, Elise, Egon, Kim & Uma

Fine Art Portrait 2022

Thanks to Manon Möller Fotografie & Mandy - MuaH Nicole Polko - Modellen Madelief Smalbil en Qionah Polko

Old School Twist 2022

Thanks to my co-students of the course at Foto School Den Haag

Beach wedding 2021

Photo Fair 2021

Thanks to models from Studio Toet & Your Wishes, Fotostudio Clickklakwerk and CCC.FotoUnie

Steampunk Photoshoot 

Hats made by Your Wishes Creations Patricia Bénard - model Yvonne Francke

Archeon c​aptured

Street wise  captured

Enchanting Beauty Photoshoot

Standing tall

Dancing in the street


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